The RainbowBiz Hippy Shop are excited to be stocking T.U.K Footwear! These shoes are vegan and gender neutral!!

T.U.K Footwear creates original footwear that is gender neutral with unique styles for alternative cultures such as Punks, Goths, Emo’s, Hipsters and more. They are also perfect for groups such as bands, music fanatics, individuals with eclectic tastes, punks and pin ups. T.U.K. Shoes there is a huge range from traditional classics to modern upstarts, constantly providing creative style with a gritty edge. Available at The Hippy Shop Shotton.

The range of T.U.K Shoes is vast with many styles available. If there is a shoe you would like please contact us and we will happily see if it is available for you to purchase. Creepers, Boots, Slippers and much more.


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