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CD Natural Sounds Gold Llewellyn


Total running time: 160 minutes

(2 CDs)

Specially balanced and mixed by top producer Llewellyn to create soothing natural atmospheres without sudden loud noises or unpleasant interruptions that so many natural sound recordings seems to include. Ideal for relaxation, sleep or therapists.

The Tracks:

CD 1
1. Calming Seas – gentle breaking waves onto a sandy beach
2. Gentle Rivers and Streams – soft trickling sounds of clear mountain waters
3. Tranquil Birdsong – gentle chirpings of a summer dawn chorus
4. Inspiring Thunderstorm – distant rumblings and crackles of a warm summer thunderstorm
5. Rainforest Reverie – exotic ambience of a beautiful rainforest
6. Tibetan Healing sounds – soothing sounds of Tibetan bowls and chimes
7. Moonlit Forest – romantic sounds of night crickets and owls
8. Secret Cave – droplets of water slowly dripping from a hidden underground cave

CD 2
1. Friendly Dolphins and Whales – uplifting and inspiring sounds of dolphins and whales
2. Revitalising Waterfall – energising sounds of a tropical waterfall
3. Refreshing Rain – sounds of a welcome cooling rain after a long hot summer afternoon
4. Soothing Windchimes on the wind – gentle tinklings of windchimes carried on the wind
5. English Country Garden – charming sounds of English birdsong, country animals and a distant village church bell
6. Exotic Jungle – wild natural sounds surround you in the heat of the jungle
7. Cathedral Choir Garden – sacred sounds of distant choir combine with the soft flutterings of birdsong in an English cathedral garden
8. Romantic Tropical Beach – relaxing waves on a warm tropical night