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CD Music for Relaxation


Total running time: 61 minutes

The Tracks:
1 Pathways to Heaven / From Higher Consciousness by Philip Chapman
2 Angel of Healing / From Music for Healing by Stephen Rhodes
3 Angelic Love / From Music for Healing by Stephen Rhodes
4 Celestial Light / From Temple of Healing by Anthony Miles
5 Everlasting Love / From Return of the Angels by Philip Chapman
6 Crystal Deva / From Crystal Healing by Anthony Miles
7 Crystal Blossoms / From Perfume by Stephen Rhodes

Over one hour of some of the most soothing and restful music ever recorded. Music for Relaxation features tracks from six albums, each one of which was specially crafted to effortlessly release stress and to soothe your mind. These serene and calming compositions combine to create a beautifully relaxed atmosphere, perfect for enjoying extended moments of tranquility and peace of mind.